We have a skilled pool of Oracle consultants, most of whom are veterans of many upgrade and migration projects. They are on hand to offer you informed advice on the best way to tackle your upgrade/migration needs. Although we are happy to tailor our services to suit your exact requirements, our key database upgrade and migration services are categorised as follows

Database Migration from an old Oracle version to ORACLE 9i/10g/11g Databases

To maintain the highest level of Oracle support, it is necessary to periodically migrate/upgrade to recent Oracle software versions. We can perform migrations in isolation, or manage the whole project for you from planning stages to final testing. Where multiple applications require migration, we can offer volume discounts.

Migration from other database Management systems

We are experienced in migrating databases and code from other database management systems to Oracle. Recently we have performed migrations from Sybase, SQL Server, Access, MySQL and PostgreSQL. We can advise on datatypes, coding, tuning and other issues.

Oracle BugFixes and Security Patches

Oracle software is renowned for its integrity, resilience and security. However, security vulnerability and bug patches are nevertheless released frequently, and these should be applied periodically to secure your data and maximise supportability.

We can patch your databases and software as a one-off exercise, or continually as patches are released.

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