Rman Backup/Recovery

Are you worried about database crash? Our expertise will help you to overcome the disaster.

Backup and recovery is one of the most important aspects of database administration. If a database is crashed and there is no way to recover it, the devastating results to a business could lead to loss of data, loss revenue and customer dissatisfaction, even it can lead to loss of business. Whether organizations use a single database or multiple databases storing data, they share one common factor – the need to back up important data and protect themselves from disaster by developing a full proof backup and recovery plan.

PlatingNum Park Consulting helps you to gain a cost-effective solutions, it can take care of your organization’s non-changing data assets, so you can minimize risk, control costs, and increase content reuse.

Let us help you to backup your previous data.

Overview : An rman backup is a representative copy of data. This copy can include important parts of a database such as the control file; redo logs, and data files. A backup protects data from application error and acts as a safeguard against unexpected data loss, by providing a way to restore original data. Backups are divided into physical backups and logical backups. Physical backups are copies of physical database files. The phrase “backup and recovery” usually refers to the transfer of copied files from one location to another, along with the various operations performed on these files.


Service Offerings :  We have extensive experience implementing Oracle data Backup and Recovery. All our advanced replication supports are provided by Oracle certified, experienced Oracle DBAs.

PlatingNum Park Consulting provides the following Oracle backup and recovery services to their end clients

  • Review of backup and recovery requirements to match service level agreements, available hardware and software, and internal support capabilities
  • Identification and documentation of risks and single points of failure
  • Implementation of agreed backup strategy to meet business according to client’s requirement.
  • Our Oracle backup and recovery consultancy package will ensure that any data loss and service outage is minimized, even after the most serious of failures.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you provide warranties for the work done?
A: Yes, We provide warranty and it varies with the type of services. Our continuous support during warranty period is best in the industry and it is completely hassle free.

Q: What are your credentials in back up recovery?
A: We are in consulting for a number of years and our increasing list of satisfied clients are our credentials. References are available on request.

Q: How efficient is your service?
A: We have a dedicated support team to provide 24 X 7 supports to our clients.

Q: How can we maximize our client support without any more investment?
A: It requires a lot of expertise to configure the product and maximize the support. Our expert consultant can help you configure the product and provide continuous support.
Q: Where are your support consultants physically based?
A: Our support consultants are spread across all major locations to help our clients

Q: Can you provide customize support to meet our business requirement?
A: Yes, we have a dedicated team of consultants who are having expertise in custom solutions. So they will understand your requirement and provide the best solution.

Q: What documentation can we expect?
A: All tasks are done with complete written document. We provide soft copy and also the hard copy to our clients. This helps our client to track any issues regarding our services and offerings.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: We charge after work has been completed and verified by the client. Then you are in possession of our documentation and payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. The terms and conditions vary depending upon the type of services requested by you.

Q: What kind of quality can we expect?
A: Quality is our first priority. We understand our client’s business and offer them best practices in the industry.

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