Remote DBA Support

An alternative to hiring and managing expensive full time staff resources

Affected by IT budget cuts? Having a hard time finding and retaining Oracle skilled staff? Looking for an affordable Oracle product outsourcing solution?

Let us help with Remote DBA Services.


Our Remote DBA Services provides IT organizations with a cost-efficient, high-quality alternative to hiring and managing expensive full time staff resources. Arisant provides off-site resources to provide targeted services for specific needs.

Our Remote DBA Services are on the front lines of the next generation of outsourcing and back-sourcing, which does not use low-cost, and generally low-skilled labor in a remote time zone to save cost. Instead, efficiencies are built on highly skilled staff, efficient and proven processes, and on a high degree of automation.

Recognizing that managing an IT environment requires on-going, proactive management services, staff members live by this philosophy.

With a proven track record of integrating with customer teams, Remote DBA Services provide a seamless extension of organizations large and small.

Our Remote DBA Services covers the Oracle Technology stack and E-Business Suite Administration.

Service Areas
  • Database Administration.
  • UNIX System Administration.
  • Oracle E-Business Suite/Applications Administration.
  • Oracle Application Server Administration (AS/iAS).
  • Oracle Collaboration Suite Administration.
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) Administration.
  • Oracle Data Guard Administration.
  • Oracle Grid (Control) Administration.
  • Oracle Replication Administration (Advanced Replication/Streams).
Available Custom Services
  • Production Support and Monitoring
    Perform all the tasks required to satisfy system uptime requirements and service level agreements. This utilizes the DBA Monitoring Suite, a comprehensive event monitoring and alert system.
  • Application DBA/Design/Data Modeling
    Work with the customer team to develop and deploy applications and provide guidance and review, such that applications are developed to utilize database features more efficiently.
  • Proactive and On-Going Performance Tuning
    Detect and correct performance concerns before they start to impact production service level agreements.
  • Backup and Recovery
    Ensure backups are correctly configured according to best practices to ensure successful recoverability.
  • Capacity Planning
    Ensure capacity concerns are addressed before they become a problem.
  • Mentoring
    Provide mentoring to customer staff to build in-house expertise.
  • Off-Hours Support
    Ensure mission critical problems are addressed 7x24x365.
  • Patching and Upgrades
    Ensure that the environment is operating at peak levels while maintaining strict change management and control.
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)
    Provide best practices to ensure RAC clusters are functioning at peak level.
  • Oracle Data Guard
    Ensure that Data Guard is configured optimally for the specific implementation and will be available in cause of failures and planned outages.
  • Grid Computing
    Monitor and ensure overall Grid health.
  • UNIX System Administration
    Provide standard UNIX administration tasks such as storage provisioning.


Our Remote DBA Services are priced based on a term subscription model and pricing will vary according to the complexity of the supported environment. Pricing starts at 100 GBP/month.

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