Remote DBA

Do you have a hard time justifying the expense of a full-time Database Administrator?

Are you located in an area where it is difficult to find qualified and experienced Database Administrators?

Maintaining database availability and performance requires knowledge and skill of experienced DBAs. But hiring and retaining DBAs is a difficult and expensive proposition as good DBAs are in high demand and short at supply.

PlatingNum Park Consulting has answer to your problem. We can provide flexible solutions to fulfil your database management and support needs.

Remote DBA Services are carried out by an experienced DBA and is a very cost-effective solution. Our extensive team of database professionals, best of breed tools and proven processes provide secure, round the clock monitoring, regular health checks and proactive system maintenance to ensure your database remains stable and available.

Let us help you to provide quality service and control your budget through our remote DBA option.


In remote database administration (Remote DBA), a client computer is monitored and professionally managed from a remote location, usually by a third-party company, to ensure that the database and computer system that is being monitored continues to run properly and efficiently over time.

In many cases, the third-party company also supplies some form of additional services such as availability monitoring software, access to a best practices and resolution knowledge base, monthly reports for the “client”, service calls or telephone calls with the client. There are various forms and variations on each of the above items, each providing different levels of quality and service.

Only proactive approach can keep your Oracle systems running smoothly, it takes the right combination of skills, experience, and the proper tools. The experienced Oracle DBAs on our team maintain ongoing communication with you regarding your database operations and goals. Our focus is on using best practices and doing things right the first time in order to avoid performance issues, data loss, or downtime.

Service Offerings

We specialize in Oracle. We are the Oracle performance optimization experts. We use our deep knowledge to ensure that you maximize your Oracle system investments. Our team is available for you to provide Performance Optimization, Database Administration, Oracle Monitoring, as well as Custom Database Project Implementation. After completion projects, we are available on an ongoing, on-call basis to support your team as needed.

PlatingNum Park Consulting provides the following services to their end-clients:

  • Database and server installation, setup, configuration and upgrade
  • Database availability, disaster recovery and fault tolerance
  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Database capacity planning.
  • Data Migration.
  • Database system architecture, design and implementation.
  • Replication.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How efficient is your remote DBA service?
A: We have a dedicated support team to provide 24 X 7 supports to our clients.

Q: Does remote service really help in budget control?
A: Yes, it is the most cost effective and efficient way to control your budget.

Q: How can we maximize our client support without any more investment?
A: It requires a lot of expertise to configure the product and maximize the support. Our expert consultant can help you configure the product and provide continuous support.
Q: Can you provide customize support to meet our business requirement?
A: Yes, we have a dedicated team of consultants who are having expertise in custom solutions. So they will understand your requirement and provide the best solution.

Q: Where are your support consultants physically based?
A: Our support consultants are spread across all major locations to help our clients

Q: What documentation can we expect?
A: All tasks are done with complete written document. We provide soft copy and also the hard copy to our clients. This helps our client to track any issues regarding our services and offerings.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: We charge after work has been completed and verified by the client. Then you are in possession of our documentation and payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. The terms and conditions vary depending upon the type of services requested by you.

Q: Do you provide warranties for the work done?
A: Yes, We provide warranty and it varies with the type of services. Our continuous support during warranty period is best in the industry and it is completely hassle free.

Q: What are your credentials?
A: We are in consulting for a number of years and our increasing list of satisfied clients are our credentials. References are available on request.

Q: What kind of quality can we expect?
A: Quality is our first priority. We understand our client’s business and offer them best practices in the industry.

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