Database/OS Monitoring

We use special Nagios modules and plugins to monitor remote client systems. We can monitor following activities on your remote servers and raise alerts when needed.

  • CPU
  • Disk
  • Memory
  • Software Raid (Linux)
  • Hardware Raid (3Ware IDE Raid)
  • File System integrity (AIDE, Tripwire)
  • Mail queue
  • Virtual Memory/Disk I/O
  • DNS
  • FTP
  • HTTP (Connection and content)
  • Regular expression match in syslog files
  • pop3/imap
  • smtp
  • ssh
  • existence/size/perms of files/directories

Oracle Database Monitoring

We have developed a most comprehensive Oracle alert strategy using Nagios / Oracle Grid Console to ensure that we know about a database problem the instant that it occurs. Our response center will often locate and correct a database problem before your end-users experience a delay or outage.

Database Server Alerts

We monitor your server with a latest technology to ensure that we know exactly what is happening in the database environment.

  • CPU Overload Alert :   We monitor for high run queue values and track periods when the Oracle database server is overloaded.
  • RAM Memory Overload Alert :  We constantly monitor for RAM memory overloads and provide our clients with complete reports showing time when the Oracle database server experiences shortages of RAM memory.
  • Query OverLoad Alerts :  We monitor SQL queries consuming server resources using Statspack/AWR/ASH reporting tools.

Oracle Database Alerts (UNIX)

  • The Remote DBA monitor uses leading cutting edge technology to monitor every component of your database, and we offer the most comprehensive and sophisticated alert monitor. We are proud that we detect potential problems before they cause a production outage.
  • Trace and Dump file Alert:   We check hourly for any new Oracle trace or dump files, and e-mail the dumps directly to our support center.
  • Alert log message Alert:   This script e-mails any important alert log messages that are found in the alert log.
  • Low free space in archived redo log directory Alert. If the archived redo log directory become full, our database will hang up. This alert allows the DBA to add space before the database hangs.
  • UNIX mount point space Alert:  The script checks all datafile mount points in database, including the UNIX home directory. Since most databases now use AUTOEXTEND ON, the DBA must be constantly alert for file systems that may not be able to extend. If the free space in any mount point is less than the specified threshold, an e-mail alert will be sent to the DBA.
  • Object cannot extend Alert :   This report will alert the DBA whenever a database table or index does not have room to take another extent. This alert is obsolete if you are using tablespaces with AUTOEXTEND ON, but many DBAs still keep this alert because they want to monitor the growth of the database tables and indexes.
  • Tablespace 95% free Alert :  This report sends an e-mail alert whenever any tablespaces contain less space than specified. Again, this alert is obsolete when using AUTOEXTEND ON, but many DBAs still want to see the available space within each tablespace.
  • Object nnn extents Alert: This report is very useful for reporting tables and indexes that experience unexpected growth. Whenever a table or index exceeds the number defined, an e-mail alert will be sent to the DBA.
  • Hot File Reads Alert:  This script reports on files whose reads are greater than (25 percent or 50 percent or 75 percent) of total reads. This code compares the individual I/O for a file from stats$filestatxs with the overall I/O for the period in stats$sysstat.
  • Hot File Writes Alert:  This script alerts you to files whose write I/Os are greater than (25 percent or 50 percent or 75 percent) of total writes.
  • We have skills and passion to deliver cutting edge bespoke server monitoring system per your needs.

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