• Oracle Database 10g Manageability Goals
  • Database Management Challenges
  • Oracle Database 10g Solution: Self-Managing Database
  • How Oracle Database 10g DBAs Spend Their Time
Using Globalization Support:

  • Database Character Sets and National Character
  • Using Timezones
  • Language and Territory Dependent Parameters
  • Data Conversion Between Client and Server Character Sets
  • NLS Data Conversion with Oracle Utilities
  • NLS Data Conversion with Data Pump
Controlling Access to the Oracle Listener:

  • Oracle Net Services Review
  • Listener Password Authentication
  • Set Password with lsnrctl Utility
  • Controlling Database Access
  • Default Configuration for External Procedure Calls
  • Modifying the Configuration for External Procedure Calls
  • Configure a Dedicated Listener for External Procedure Calls
Configuring Recovery Manager:

  • Recovery Manager Components
  • Media Management
  • Using a Flash Recovery Area with RMAN
  • Setting Parameters for RMAN
  • Configuring Persistent Settings for RMAN
  • Control File Autobackups
  • Retention Policies
  • Managing Persistent Settings
  • Channel Allocation
  • Automatic and Manual Channel Allocation
  • Channel Control Options
Using Recovery Manager:

  • RMAN Commands
  • Parallelization of Backup Sets
  • Compressed Backups
  • Image Copy
  • Making Incremental Backups
  • Block Change Tracking
  • Enabling Block Change Tracking
  • Managing Backups with EM
Diagnostic Sources:

  • Diagnostic Files
  • Alert Models Architecture
  • Server-Generated Alert Types
  • Editing Thresholds
  • Trace Files
  • System Log Files
Recovering from Noncritical Losses:

  • Creating New Temporary Tablespace
  • Re-creating Redo Log Files
  • Recovering an Index Tablespace
  • Read-only Tablespace Recovery
  • Authentication Methods for Database Administrators
Database Recovery:

  • Server Managed Recovery: RESTORE and RECOVER Commands
  • User-Managed Recovery Procedures:RECOVER Command
  • Recovering a Control File Autobackup
  • UNTIL TIME Recovery Example
  • Cancel-Based Recovery: Example
  • RMAN Incomplete Recovery UNTIL TIME:
  • RMAN Incomplete Recovery UNTIL SEQUENCE
  • Recovery Using Enterprise Manager
Flashback Database:

  • Flashback Database Overview
  • Flashback Database Architecture
  • Configuring Flashback Database
  • Monitoring Flashback Database
Recovering from User Errors:

  • Flashback Time Navigation
  • Flashback Drop Overview
  • Recycle Bin
  • Querying the Recycle Bin
  • Restoring Objects from the Recycle Bin
  • Querying Dropped Tables
  • Flashback Drop Considerations
  • SCN and Time Mapping Enhancements
Dealing with Database Corruption:

  • What Is Block Corruption?
  • DBVERIFY Utility
  • Interpreting DBVERIFY
  • How to Handle Corruptions
  • Using Flashback for Logical Corruption
  • RMAN BMR Interface
Automatic Storage Management:

  • ASM Concepts
  • ASM General Architecture
  • ASM Instance Functionalities
  • ASM Instance Creation
  • ASM Instance Initialization Parameters
  • Accessing an ASM Instance
  • ASM Administration Page
  • Migrating Your Database to ASM Storage
Monitoring and Managing Memory:

  • Oracle Memory Structures
  • Oracle Memory Structures Buffer Cache
  • Using Multiple Buffer Pools
  • Automatic Shared Memory Management: Overview
  • Database Control and Automatic Shared Memory Management
  • Manually Resizing Dynamic SGA Parameters
  • Program Global Area (PGA)
  • Automatic PGA Memory Management
  • PGA Management Resources
Managing Resources:

  • Database Resource Manager Concepts
  • Resource Manager Configurations
  • Automatic Consumer Group Switching
  • Configuring Consumer Group Switching
  • Limiting CPU Utilization:
  • Resource Allocation Methods for Resource Plans
  • Administering the Resource Manager
  • Changing a Consumer Group Within a Session
Automating Tasks with the Scheduler:

  • Scheduler Concepts
  • Privileges for Scheduler Components
  • Using Scheduler Programs
  • Managing Jobs
  • Managing Programs
  • Managing Programs with EM
  • Managing Schedules
  • Managing Windows
  • Data Dictionary Views

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