Leading Oracle Consultancy

An Oracle Hosting Provider Enhances Reliability and Availability of database Services with 10g RAC cluster

About The Client

Our client is a leading oracle consultancy serving more than 50 leading pubic and private sector clients. We were hired for providing an Oracle 10g RAC implementation consultancy and to design DBA support procedures for 24 X 7 ERP/CRM database.

Overview & Challenges

The various affiliates of the client ran disparate HR, Benefits & Payroll systems in different languages and in multiple currencies. This led to process and application redundancies and operational complexity. The client launched a global initiative of process standardization and integration. This initiative aimed to transform its ERP/CRM department into a world-class organization that would enable it to:

  • Improve productivity through a robust and unified database system
  • Eliminate manual processes and consolidate database management processes
  • Accelerate global decision-making
  • Reduce costs by leveraging a shared, centralized technology environment

The Solution

Oracle RAC Delivers High Reliability and Availability

Today, the financial application database run on an Oracle Real Application Clusters database. Each cluster is comprised of two HP DL585 G2 servers running Red Hat Linux accessing a single Oracle database hosted on HP SAN storage.

Oracle’s clustering technology ensures client’s applications remain available even if a server in the cluster fails. User sessions on the failed server reattach to the surviving servers and resubmit any transactions that were not processed at the time of failure.

The software also allows to direct computing capacity where it is needed, when it is needed. One server in each cluster are dedicated to servicing online transactions, while the second is used for reporting. If online transaction workload peaks, the reporting server can be quickly re-assigned to service online transactions, ensuring smooth, seamless customer service. Moreover, additional servers can be added to the cluster without disruptions to system performance.

Lower Acquisition and Maintenance Costs

Client expects to reduce hardware costs through the use of Oracle RAC. The organization can now utilize Intel-based commodity servers running Linux because the software makes it possible to achieve the same high levels of availability as expensive, high-end proprietary servers. Support costs are also anticipated to drop now that client is no longer burdened by expensive proprietary hardware that requires maintenance by expensive support staff with niche skill sets.

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