Expert Support for Professionals

We have often received requests for personal oracle support. Many people pick up new jobs with different responsibilities and can’t be master of every oracle trade. In today’s changing environment, knowing everything is a key to success.

If you are an oracle professional or OCP and you just started a new job where you are lost please speak to us. Oracle experts are not cheap (experts cost 100+ GBP per hour for remote services), but it’s better than losing your job. You can call us to get a personal DBA mentor, and upon clearance of a credit card retainer, you will be assigned to an experienced DBA who you can call during normal business hours.

Oracle Mentor

We now offer an Oracle mentor service where you can have an Oracle expert right at your fingertips, any time, day or night. We work with hundreds of Oracle databases every year, so we know exactly how to quickly assist with any Oracle question. All Oracle Consultants are Oracle Certified with more than 5+ years of full-time IT experience.

Have your Personal Guru

All DBA can improve their skill-set with instant access to an expert mentor. You develop a personal relationship with your mentor and will have access to some of the best Oracle internals experts on the planet.

Reduce Your Exposure

Many of our clients have well-trained Oracle DBAs and use us to provide immediate assistance for their mission-critical systems. We have seen almost every possible Oracle problem, and our network of experts are available 24 hours a day. Best of all, our mentors will help your DBA prevent the likelihood of unplanned downtime using proven industry best practices. We provide mentors for all areas of Oracle administration including database architecture, real application clusters, database configuration, backup and recovery, tuning, database failover, server administration and virtually every other task.

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