E-Business Suite

Solutions for Oracle® E-Business Suite

Create, build, migrate, and support your Oracle® E-Business Suite environment

We offer three Oracle® E-Business solutions to help create, build, migrate and/or support your E-Business Suite environment.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Blueprint
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Preparation and Evaluation
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Installation/Upgrade/Migration (with Support Option)

E-Business Suite Blueprint

Create your E-Business Solution

The purpose of an E-Business Suite Blueprint is to provide a solution from the ground up. An E-Business Suite Blueprint solution can help with the following:

  • Hardware, OS, storage, and networking recommendations.
  • Assistance with E-Business Suite licensing.
  • Sizing of your database and file systems.
  • Understanding how growth will affect your implementation.
  • Evaluation of requirements and recommendations of implementation methods, including shared or distributed application tier file system.

E-Business Suite Preparation and Evaluation

Evaluate your Existing Environment for Upgrades and Migrations

The purpose of an E-Business Suite Evaluation is to determine whether your existing environment ready for a major upgrade, platform migration, or even converting your database to RAC. It can answer questions such as:

  • Are there major patches or configuration changes that are required prior to the upgrade or migration process?
  • Is this the right time to transition to a more load balanced solution?

E-Business Suite Installation, Upgrade, Migration (with Support Option)

Install, Upgrade, Migrate, and Support your E-Business Implementation

When you’re ready to implement, upgrade or migrate your E-Business Suite solution, we offer E-Business Installation and Upgrade services. These services include:

  • Install, upgrade, or patch your E-Business Suite environment.
  • Migrate your E-Business Suite environment from one platform to another.
  • Reconfigure your current E-Business Suite environment for Shared or Distributed Application Tier Filesystem.
  • Verifying recoverability from your backup media, and testing your backup and recovery procedures for both the database and the application file system.

Optional E-Business Suite Support services may be added to an E-Business Suite Installation and Update or Migration solution. E-Business Suite Support services include:

  • Tuning your E-Business environment as your database and business grows.
  • DBA support for your E-Business environment.

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