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Our support services utilise a blend of local and offshore resources, enabling us to be local and better able to understand your application and requirements whilst minimising costs. This service allows customers to increase uptime, efficiency and level of automation of their Oracle applications, while significantly reducing costs and outages. Our process starts with an Audit of your application, to enable us to document and understand your application and needs. Then we can provide a support service against a service level agreement offering an agreed level of service against a fixed price, all of which is proven to help to eliminate your risk.

The Audit Process
  • Documents your systems
  • Examines Data Recovery, Back-Up and Security processes
  • Examines all aspects of system maintenance
Our DBA service then delivers:
  • Problem identification and specialist resolution
  • Escalation (if required) and management of issues with Oracle/Microsoft
  • Performance analysis and tuning
  • Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly checks
  • Reporting and resolving serious log messages
  • Rapid response emergency support for live databases
Benefits of DBA Services:
  • Specialist Oracle Support On Demand
    By utilising the services of our approved Oracle DBA specialists, you are better able to support workload peaks and solve issues with the help of our experts, as and when they are needed.
  • Increased Availability of Oracle
    With our Remote DBA support, you can be assured that your environment is being supported by a competent professional who is thoroughly familiar with your databases. Oracle RAC are cost-effective services designed to maintain maximum uptime for a business’s critical applications, whilst offering assurance that the systems can handle increased workloads in the future.
  • Reduced Cost
    With Remote DBA services, you can purchase only those DBA services you require and only at the times you require them. The average salary of an Oracle DBA is 50K per annum, adding to this 70% overhead costs (85K), two for critical applications (170K), whilst taking into consideration that attrition rates for DBAs run at approximately 35%.
  • Continuous Oracle Support and Performance Tuning
    With our Remote DBA support, you are guaranteed to have a certified Oracle DBA constantly monitoring your databases. Platingnum Consulting’s expert DBAs tune and optimise your system regularly in order to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Peace of mind
    With Remote Oracle DBA support, you can rest assured that your Oracle databases are receiving the best possible care. Even more importantly, you do not need to wait weeks whilst a new DBA becomes familiar with your databases. This allows IT Managers to maximise their productivity.

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