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Only experts can provide you efficient support. We are the leader in weblogic domain

BEA Weblogic is one of the most widely used products for enterprise applications. Enterprise applications are mission critical and at heart of any complex business house.

PlatingNum Park Consulting is a recognized expert in BEA Weblogic products. We have an expertise in weblogic and provide all type of services at a low cost without compromising the quality. We understand the current market where budget is a critical issue for any organization, we help our clients to get best services within their budget.

Let us help you to achieve your goal and beat your competitors.


WebLogic was acquired by BEA Systems in 1998. BEA was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2008.

BEA WebLogic Platform-which includes BEA WebLogic Server, BEA WebLogic Portal, BEA WebLogic Integration, BEA Workshop for WebLogic, and BEA JRockit-is the industry’s rock-solid foundation for enterprise applications and SOA services.

BEA WebLogic Product Family

BEA WebLogic Server

BEA WebLogic Server forms a rock solid foundation for enterprise applications and SOA services. As the world’s leading Java-based application server, BEA WebLogic Server includes zero downtime features for enterprise-class reliability and uptime. A blended development model means leveraging the best of open source and commercial code to get new applications and services to production faster. Proven high performance, security and world-class support services offers IT professionals peace-of-mind.

BEA WebLogic Portal

BEA WebLogic Portal 10.2 drives significant business value with the out-of-the-box capabilities to deliver mashups, Web 2.0 interactivity, SOA interactions, content management, and portal lifecycle management. It is the platform of choice for the delivery of personalized solutions and SOA initiatives.

BEA WebLogic Integration

BEA WebLogic Integration builds and extends enterprise-class services, including web and legacy, by integrating applications, processes and business users. It delivers a solution for application integration and also acts as a strategic building block in enterprise integration solutions for SOA.

BEA WebLogic RFID Product Family

BEA’s WebLogic RFID edge and enterprise products deliver the first end-to-end, standards-based RFID infrastructure platform designed to automate new RFID enabled business processes. The powerful combination of leading RFID infrastructure technology and BEA’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) driven platform allow you to turn RFID data into meaningful information for competitive advantage and financial improvement through targeted, cost effective and integrated solutions.

BEA WebLogic Real Time, Core Edition

BEA WebLogic Real Time is a new lightweight, low-latency Java-based server that provides response times in the milliseconds for performance-critical real-time applications.

BEA Workshop

Eclipse the conventional wisdom with BEA Workshop products. Your code deserves nothing less than the best commercial Eclipse-based tool, regardless of your coding style or server platform.

BEA JRockit

Using BEA JRockit, Java developers are able to deploy applications more quickly and efficiently into production, achieving optimal performance through minimal configuration.

Service Offerings

PlatingNum Park Consulting provides the following services to their end clients

  • Weblogic server administration
  • Weblogic portal services
  • Weblogic integration
  • Migration from different application servers to weblogic application server
  • Trouble shooting

We also provide customized services to meet our client’s requirement. We provide the following customized services at an affordable price and that is why we are the preferred service provider to our increasing list of clients.

  • Continuous support provided by dedicated support team
  • Onsite mentoring and assistance
  • Performance tuning
  • Product update to support latest offerings
  • Remote assistance

Frequently asked questions

Q: How can we maximize our client support without any more investment?
A: It requires a lot of expertise to configure the product and maximize the support. Our expert consultant can help you configure the product and provide continuous support.

Q: What kind of service can we expect from you?
A: Our help desk is active 24 hours a day. So your call will be received by our help desk and appropriate action will be taken immediately. Our response time is the best in the support industry.

Q: Can you provide customize support to meet our business requirement?
A: Yes, we have a dedicated team of consultants who are having expertise in custom solutions. So they will understand your requirement and provide the best solution.

Q: What documentation can we expect?
A: All tasks are done with complete written document. We provide soft copy and also the hard copy to our clients. This helps our client to track any issues regarding our services and offerings.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: We charge after work has been completed and verified by the client. Then you are in possession of our documentation and payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. The terms and conditions vary depending upon the type of services requested by you.

Q: What are your credentials?
A: We are in consulting for a number of years and our increasing list of satisfied clients are our credentials. References are available on request.

Q: What kind of quality can we expect?
A: Quality is our first priority. We understand our client’s business and offer them best practices in the industry.

Q: Do you provide warranties for the work done?
A: Yes, We provide warranty and it varies with the type of services. Our continuous support during warranty period is best in the industry and it is completely hassle free.

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