24 X 7 X 365 Oracle Support

Oracle Management

We have a team of Oracle specialists who can help you manage your Oracle database. The base services includes installation and updates of the Oracle application itself. Optionally we can also manage the database structures, advise you on optimal table structures and tune the performance of an existing database.

Oracle DBA Expertise on Demand

Our Managed DBA Services enables companies to maintain complex Oracle Database environments on a reduced budget and to focus on strategic projects by offering the expertise and depth of ZIETA through a remote delivery model. Managed DBA Services provides sleep-at-night security through 24 x 7 monitoring and proactive administration, as well as enables companies to invest in their current staff through mentoring.

  • Expertise on Demand is at the heart of this service. Difficult problems come in different shapes and forms — potentially requiring unique expertise. Our flexible subscription model allows our clients to support workload peaks and complex problems with subject matter experts, as they are needed. For all but the most sophisticated large shops, Zieta level of expertise is virtually impossible to duplicate.
  • Internet Client Center (ICC) is a Web-based portal that combines aspects of contact management, statistical performance tools and help desk management to provide a comprehensive view of a client’s systems — work performed, database configuration, performance statistics over time and other information that, in turn, allows ZIETA to efficiently manage workflow and monitor a client’s environment.
  • A dedicated Oracle DBA ensures that the support you receive is based on firsthand knowledge of your systems, as well as provides a consistent primary point of contact. When you need help or have a problem, a person who you know (and who knows you) will be the one working on your problem.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and emergency response is available to handle those events that threaten the availability of the database environment and require immediate action. Our Remote Monitor software allows us to collect and provide automated 24 x 7 x 365 analysis of all Oracle Database statistics on a predetermined schedule or as-needed basis. All statistics are stored in our Operational Data Store and are available via customized reports on the Internet Client Center Web site. This data also feeds our Alert Notification Engine, which provides real-time alerts on current or potential problems.
  • Mentoring — sharing the knowledge – has always been a core belief of us. Outside of our users group participation, this belief is illustrated best through our Managed DBA Services practice. This sharing can take on two basic forms: letting people know exactly how we solve problems and why we approached it in the way we did, and simply answering difficult technology questions. We are often used as an expert sounding board

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